This year at Sunrise we have campsites to fit all of your needs, Early To Rise, Late To Bed, Assisted Camping, Live-in vehicles and of course Glamping.

Early To Rise

Those of you who will be rising with the skylarks whilst singing along, drinking some fresh organic coffee and stretching away that ‘slept in a tent’ feel with an early morning yoga class will have a good nights rest undisturbed by the late to bed crew.

Late To Bed

Those of you who will be up all night with the owls, hooting with laughter around the campfire, enjoying some organic mead, studying the stars or dancing between trees to your new favourite band will be able to have a luxurious lie-in until the smell of breakfast becomes too tantalising to resist and coaxes you out of your sleeping bag.

Assisted Camping

There will of course be assisted camping available with a location that promises views just as stunning as the other camping spots.

Sunrise tries it’s best to be accessible to everyone and we will have wheelchair accessible toilets and showers and an easy access car park area in addition to the assisted camping campsite.

If you are in receipt of middle or higher rate DLA and you require a full time carer to support you during your time at the festival then we will provide them with a free ticket.

Please get in touch prior to the event via e-mail at: to let us know that you would like to camp in assisted camping, in what ways you will require assistance and if you have a full time carer in need of a complimentary ticket.

We will discuss your needs with you on an individual basis and work out if we can meet them. Should you have already purchased a ticket and it becomes apparent that we cannot meet your needs a full refund will be readily available.

We try our best to make everything accessible to everyone but we are a small festival and are based in a field and access may become difficult at times, especially if there are any adverse weather conditions

Live-in Vehicles

If you have a caravan or camper-van at your disposal then you might as well bring it along for that extra bit of comfort. Just make sure that you can fit into your pitch (6mx4m) and keep in mind that all the pokey out bits like your tow bar, awnings, kids tent, guy ropes etc need to be safely in your area so that you aren’t narrowing any fire lanes. If you need more space than the measured out bays provide then make sure to book yourself two pitches. Bring your home away from home to this year’s event and buy your Live-in Vehicle passes in advance of the festival, when you get your tickets, to avoid disappointment on the gate!

Hearthworks Tipis & Yurts at the Sunrise Celebration 2017

Treat yourself to some tribal luxury at Sunrise 2017 with cosy canvas camping in Tipis and Yurts!

Hearthworks are delighted to be back at Sunrise Celebration offering a selection of the finest Festival accommodation, with more comfort and choice than ever before.

  • Range of sizes to suit couples, families or large groups of friends
  • Traditional Tipis come complete with rain hats, waterproofgroundsheets and carpet flooring
  • Classic Yurts are full height and have a central skylight window,waterproof groundsheet and carpet flooring
  • Furnishings package includes hand-woven rugs, large cushions,sheepskins, backrest chairs, low wooden tables and lanterns
  • Beds & bedding – our comfy futon mattresses come with sheets, 13.5tog duvets, pillows and wool blankets.
  • Power Tables – each table comes with 2 standard car-charger socketsand built in LED lighting.We want your time at Sunrise to be as relaxing as possible, so that you can enjoy yourselves and really make the most of your time at the event.
  • Pre-erected Tipis & Yurts are ready for your arrival at the Festival
  • Reception Tipi with staff to settle you in and make sure your staygoes smoothly
  • Maintenance staff to look after the structures during the event
  • For more information, prices and booking, click here

Fire’s in the campsite

We love having fires at Sunrise, there will be communal fires all over the site and you are also welcome to have your own, just make sure to follow the safety rules:

  • Make yourself aware of the closest fire points and have your own way of distinguishing your fire
  • Make sure that all fires and BBQ’s are off the ground in a brazier or similar (to contain the fire more safely, stop spreading and protect the ground)
  • Be aware of nearby tents, trees etcetera and don’t put anyone/anything at risk
  •  Don’t let your fire get above a reasonable height (no bonfires in the campsite!)
  • No burning unsuitable materials (stick to firewood!)
  • No burning the wood from the forest (it provides habitats for wildlife and plants, firewood will be available on site and you are welcome to bring your own)
  • Don’t leave any fires in the campsite unattended! 


Widely varied delicious and nutritious food and drink will be available on site for reasonable prices ranging from pizzas to curries, breakfast to chips, speciality teas to chai craft ales to cocktails and as usual it will be site-wide organic, ethically sourced, free-range and locally sourced (wherever possible.)

You are of course welcome to bring some of your own food and drinks along put please try your best to keep in with the Sunrise ethos of ethically sourced goods and recyclable packaging wherever possible and take your landfill home!


Nestled in between woods in the rolling hills of the Herefordshire Kentchurch Estate is the most gorgeous site Sunrise has had the pleasure of settling on.

With landowners that live alongside the Sunrise ethos we are truly blessed to have stumbled upon this beautiful place and honoured to hold our little festival there.

Site address: Kentchurch Estate, Pontrilas, Hereford, HR2 0BL