Keep your eyes peeled for the giant blackboards detailing each day what talks and workshops are taking place and where to go to join in.


This year the workshops are as varied as ever. There are so many to choose between that you could easily spend your entire festival going from one workshop to the next, starting each morning with meditation and unwinding each evening with sunset yoga.

Do you want to experiment with a new hobby? Lose yourself in arts and crafts? Work on how you can live off-grid? Get in touch with the nature that surrounds you? We’ve got you. From tiny tots to wise old witches we are sure there will be at least one new experience at Sunrise to entice your curiosity. With many confirmed and more being booked all the time, workshops will be running throughout the day, every day.

Sunrises ‘whole earth’ approach to a happier, healthier you leaves you going home inspired and armed with the knowledge you need to create a happier, healthier world. Together we can do this.


At Sunrise this year inspiring speakers set to interest and inform will be covering a wide range of topics.

Whether you already have a set interest in a discussion or are wishing to explore new territories you are likely to discover talks to keep you engaged and leave you wanting more.

Luckily you are at a festival so you can relish your reality of no deadlines or hectic responsibilities and grab a curry, a pint and a seat by the fire. Deliberate over what you have learned with old friends and new. Debate ideas and develop plans, open your mind and take the time to both listen and share.

Sunrise Kids

Welcome to the kid’s area, a place to bounce, laugh, play and explore.

Sunrise has won awards for its children’s area in the past and this year we are going above and beyond. There is plenty for children of all ages to join in with from creating games to making toys. Circus skills, bubbles and painted faces, whether your child is in the mood for knights or princesses, painting or sports, crafts or stories we have them covered.

There will be opportunities galore for both adult lead activities and child led playtimes.

Are you due or blessed with a new born? Join the midwives at the Da-A-Luz Love Dome, a quiet space where you can relax and feed you little ‘un, change a nappy and take part in pregnancy workshops.

Once your child is big enough to toddle make your way over to the Toddlers Tent, an under 5’s space within the kids area stuffed to the brim with toys and activities to keep your children happy and engaged throughout the day.

For you older kids there is plenty to do starting with wake and shake in the morning and ending with a story in the evening, the day is jam packed with workshops, crafts, games and bouncy hoppers, the only limit is your imagination!

Although we have put a lot of effort into the designated ‘Kids area’ Sunrise is all about inclusivity and we’re not shoving anyone into a corner without choices. There are areas and activities all over site for the kids to get involved with like the skate park (suitable for 10 years and up), family workshops, archery, bushcraft, graffiti… The list goes on. Come and see for yourselves!